Therapeutic massage in West St. Paul

The Center for a Balanced Life, Inc. (CBL) is dedicated to promoting whole-person wellness from the inside out. CBL promises to assist you in achieving a healthy, centered, and balanced life through our range of massage and energy therapies. Come visit us —we recently moved to a new space on Livingston Ave. in West St. Paul.

Our story

Started by Sister Janine Rajkowski in 1987, CBL has grown over the past three decades to provide a variety of services. At CBL, alternative healing practices and ancient techniques supplement the traditional medical model for well-being.

Our values

We believe treating the whole person means healing our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self from daily stress and specific struggles growing up in a hectic world. To CBL, each person is worthy of dignity, respect, caring and love. Being good to our “Self” is the cornerstone of our philosophy.

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What we do

We're proud to serve the West St. Paul community, providing energy work, massage therapy for all ages and needs, counseling, acupressure, body scrubs, facial treatments, reflexology, and more. Our services make excellent gifts for caregivers, those who sit at work most of the day without moving, and those who do strenuous manual labor or sports on a regular basis.
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